The Diet Experiment Continues

I’ve now been quasi-paleo for two and a half weeks. Seems like longer, actually. I say quasi-paleo because technically, I’m gluten and dairy free, and lower sugar and carbs. I’m ok with soy, and other legumes, I’m using some non-paleo gluten free flours, I’m eating fruit when I want it. However, it’s been a huge change to my eating life, and it’s starting to show. I have much more energy than before, I’ve decreased one of my crucial medications for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), my brain fog seems to have lifted. It’s pretty awesome.

Much more importantly, I’ve solved coffee! My morning cup of coffee with a hefty dollop of half and half was a surprisingly important part of my day. No longer having half and half to put in the coffee seemed like the end of the world. Until I discovered two techniques that work perfectly:

  • I now make coffee in my french press. French press coffee is much less acidic. With less acid, there’s less of a need for the natural sweetness of half and half. A bit of hemp milk in the coffee does the job perfectly. No honey or anything else is needed.
  • I’ve discovered the joys of soy lattes. I had no idea how easily soy milk frothed up! I’ve got a stovetop espresso pot and a great little frothing pot where you hand pump a fine mesh screen through the milk. Works like a charm, and the latte tastes divine. I never liked lattes before, they upset my stomach. No wonder!

I’ve also gained a new found interest in trying new recipes. I’ve been making crepes like crazy. And I’d never made a crepe before in my life. They’re so easy! I like finger food during the day, and with a stack of crepes in the fridge, I can roll up bacon and avocado for a sandwich, or make a breakfast burrito, or a peanut butter banana sandwich. Crepes are so versatile.

I explored making Ethiopian injera, which is a sourdough teff flour crepe. They were a bit too sour to use with everyday things, but they were another fun food experiment. I bought a jar of tahini (sesame paste), and mixed up a great tahini salad dressing to have with a raw kale salad full of pine nuts and a bit of nutritional yeast (replacing the umami flavor that I’d usually use parmesan cheese for).

I was expecting food to be boring and frustrating. Instead, I’m taking this new diet and running with it, exploring new ideas and recipes and actually having fun in the kitchen. I’m still looking forward to the diet being over, but hopefully I’ll keep experimenting, this is way too much fun.



3 thoughts on “The Diet Experiment Continues”

  1. Nice going, Jenny – As USUAL, you are not letting this deck you. You are the most go-getting-est, bounce-back person I’ve ever met. YAY JENNY!!!


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