Wedding Bells

Dave and I have been what I call “casually engaged” for about 2 years. We had been dating for around 6 months when I proposed to him, while driving down the highway. Gee, we’re such romantics!

We’ve had plans to get married either this summer or next, in a park with catered food or a food cart, all of our friends and family there to gossip and laugh with. Insanely casual, just a party, really. An excuse to make our friends come visit us. But then my sister was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship.

Fulbright Scholarships are awarded by the US State department, and you are given a grant to do research abroad. It’s a pretty big deal. Sarah will be looking at rural community development in Hungary for a year or so. She’ll get to take her husband and their two kids, and they’ll get to live abroad and traipse around Europe for a year. But there’s no way I can get married without my sister there.

So everything got switched around. We’re still going to get married this year, only it’ll be much smaller and sooner. We still really want to have a party, but we’ll do that next year, and call it a wedding celebration. This spring, on June 10, to be exact, we’re going to have a small wedding with just family and one friend, then go out to a nice dinner afterward. It sounds really great to me, not overwhelming or too stressful. My system gets over-stressed very easily, and then the fatigue and pain starts to hit. So keeping the stress level low is very important.

Mom’s been helping a lot, narrowing down restaurants that have private rooms to have a small party in. Dave and I went out and bought an amazing antique sapphire and diamond ring this last weekend. I just bought two summer dresses online, in the hopes that one will fit. No white frilly dresses here. They’re both dresses I can wear again, things that are festive without being glamorous. Sounds perfect. My cousin is going to be the one to marry us, which should be hilarious and awesome. I picture us all in a park, standing around for a 10 minute ceremony, then having champagne and appetizers before we head across town to a fabulous dinner somewhere. We’ll have some sort of cake, or maybe cake plus a custard based dessert for Dave, who loves custard almost as much as he loves me! It’ll be a big enough party to feel special, but still small enough that we’ll get to really have fun with everyone.

I’m really excited. I also love that in addition to being our wedding, it’s a sort of goodbye party for Sarah and her family. I don’t mind at all sharing the spotlight, and I love that she’ll get to see everyone before she goes.

So don’t mind me, I’m just over here making lists of what needs to be done. Things like:

  • Figure out what exactly we want the ceremony to be like.
  • Where should we hold the dinner? Picking out the entrees and food options
  • I’ve got the old (ring), new (dress), and blue (both dresses have blue), but I need a borrowed!
  • Should we get whatever restaurant to make a cake? Should we bring one in? Is it possible to combine cake with custard? Maybe we should do cake and banana cream pie.
  • We need to figure out what park and when, for the ceremony. Plus it’s early June, the weather can’t be relied upon. What if it’s pouring?
  • I have to get started on a wedding shawl! It’s a wonderful knitterly tradition to make a wedding shawl. I’m starting to look at patterns, but I’ll need to see the dresses and figure out what color shawl I want, and then furiously start knitting. I only have 6 weeks!



1 thought on “Wedding Bells”

  1. Congratulations. Knowing your married life will be wonderful. Wishing you good success for delightful liquid dairy. Thank you for your posts… it is helping me to understand a dear friend with fibromyalgia.


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